“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” Song of Solomon 6:3

“He who sits on the throne will shelter them with His presence.” Revelation 7:15

Oh LORD how majestic is Your name in all the earth, how sweet is Your name on my lips. As I sit here in awe of who You are, how amazing Your Presence is oh LORD. I love Your Presence the overwhelming sense of Your nearness, the heart’s touch of heaven that’s upon my heart, I can feel You God, I can feel the touch of Your love as tears stream down my face, I acknowledge my unworthiness my righteousness is as filthy rages. Who can stand in Your Presence oh LORD? I acknowledge that without You I am NOTHING Yeshua I would be a lifeless vessel.

In Your Presence is where I find peace, joy, and refreshing of my spirit. In Your Presence is where I come undone, it’s the place where all worry and stress just fade away. I love coming into Your Presence it’s my place of safety it’s my shelter, it’s the place where darkness can’t hide, in Your Presence O Lord is where all hindrances fall off everything that’s not like you has to flee. It’s the place where it’s just YOU and me it’s the place where I can shut the world out and become completely dead to me and alive in You.

In Your Presence is where I go to seek Your face and touch Your heart, it’s the place where I can find hope when faced with the deepest of troubles. It’s the place where I can find rest and hear You whisper my name. In Your Presence is where belong, it’s were I long to be when the day becomes overwhelming, when challenges get too much for me.

Oh King of Glory how beautiful  You are as I gaze upon Your beauty my heart just melts away as You take me into Your arms and gracefully move me across the floor as my heart dances with You. Majesty You are so worthy of my worship, my praise, my love, and all of my life. I give You ALL of me LORD! I am overwhelmed by Your Presence LORD…….. Thank You Jesus! With tears in my eyes I lift my hands oh Lord and I bow before Your Throne in AWE the weight of Your glory is………. Oh how I love being in this secret place with You Jesus this place of just ME & YOU where I am completely consumed by Your Presence. I Love You my King and my God I love You so much Yeshua I love You with every fiber of my being, each day that goes by I fall deeper and deeper in love with You.

As I feel the weight of Your glory being lifted I cry out for more of You never wanting to leave Your Presence but my joy lies in the fact that I know You are with me and You will NEVER leave me or forsake me.

♥† In Love With My King And My God †♥

PrincessP இܓ



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