For My Beloved Yeshua (Jesus)

Forgive Me LORD!

Abba, forgive me for not spending more quality time with You for the pass two days. I feel Your sadness in my heart. I love You and don’t like when I limit my time with You.

I want to lay in Your arms and feel Your heart beat against my face. My spirit longs for You.

Forgive me for allowing myself to become caught up with other things and taking my mind and thoughts off of You, it hurts me when I settle down and realize that I have been neglecting You.

I love You Jesus and being inattentive to Your presence is not a place I want to be. Spending quality time with You and worshiping You every moment of my day is what I live for. My very life is worship unto You.

I love You Lord with my entire heart and being all that I am and all that I have belongs to You and You ONLY!

Your Princess,

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