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Prophetic Alert by Kim Clement: Cataclysmic Time Leading Into & During Summer

It' Time To Pray For Government
During the early hours of this morning, again I had a deep sense of urgency due to the rift and hostility between the USA (current administration) and Israel. It was a deep sense of urgency. For a few, long seconds a veil was opened up and before my eyes I saw a series of events in the USA planned internally and externally, that could ultimately affect our lifestyle and specifically our children. God showed me and stated clearly that it was His desire to cease the hostility in order to prevent some of these catastrophes.

I am by no means a negative doom and gloom prophet but with the same clarity that I saw and prophesied Hurricane Katrina, I saw one specific event that would be similar, and then a series of focused terror events in the USA and Europe. It would be a “cataclysmic period leading into and during Summer” if God does not intervene. The few words that came before me were, “social and political upheaval, deluge and violent action.” The Spirit of God spoke of the earth experiencing a violence that would produce changes in the earth’s surface and deeper. I also caught a glimpse of Ukraine and Russia during this period. The stench of death almost overwhelmed me. I asked God what it would take to stay His hand of execution in the USA specifically, and He simply replied, “BLESS ISRAEL and pray for America.”



The tragedy in Nepal has grieved the nations. Many loved ones from Nepal and around the world are still unaccounted for underneath the rubble. Buildings have been reduced to ashes. But is this the end? Is there reason to hope? Is there only darkness ahead? What prophetic secrets have been revealed regarding what God will do in third world nations, including India and throughout Asia? Could it be that out of the ashes, redemption and deliverance will arise?

Kim Clement


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