The Beginning, The Middle And The End Is In The Beginning

Torah 01
The beginning of the book that we don’t like to read any more because we seem to “think” that it’s not relevant for today because of the new and better Covenant in the New Testament. And that’s where we are so wrong the beginning of the book has the Beginning, the Middle and the End, all compacted in it, and it’s still part of YHWH”s Instruction Manual for us.

It’s the foundation of the whole Bible. It  contains historical facts, it has great examples of Men/Women of God, great examples of Faith and some  it’s principles are still relevant for today.

 “Know My word by My Spirit and not by your flesh says the Lord!”

Abba help us to recognize the value and importance of your Torah which is simply Your instructions to us. Holy Spirit reveal this Truth to us from within our hearts, help us to understand that we have been grafted in and is now expected to live according to our Heavenly Father’s Torah (instruction) because we are now apart of His family.


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