My Children Are Not Walking In My Ways!

Holy Fire

The Lord says: “My children have become as hard as bronze and iron and they are leading others into corruption as they fellow Jezebel. I have put them through the fiery flames to bur out all the corruption, but even that does not purify them because wickedness is still in them. So I the LORD of Host have labeled them as “Rejected Silver” and I will discard them because they refuse to walk in My ways.

ABBA, keep us on the path of obedience onto You by way of Your Holy Spirit. We don’t want to become as hard as bronze and iron nor do we want to be labeled as “Rejected Silver” and be discarded by You O Lord. Help us to always have a repentive heart, always acknowledging our sins before You Abba.

Jeremaiah 6:28-30
All of them are total rebels, spreading slanderous gossip; they are bronze and iron, [inferior metals,] all of them corrupt. The bellows blast away; and though the lead is consumed by the fire, in vain has the smelter refined, for the wicked have not been separated. They are called ‘rejected silver,’ because ADONAI has rejected them.”


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