Well I am here to assure you that HE IS and He has always warns us of the things to come through His Prophets and through His word. When you are in the world the devil has all rights to do whatever he pleases with you, BUT if you are a Child of God then the devil can’t do anything to you unless God allows him too, He FIRST has to go to God. Sin and wrong choices will cause your life to turn upside down, and the devil to run a mock in your life. All the sin in the earth is causing all the turmoil with storms, earthquakes and volcanoes erupting.

The devil has NO authority over nothing that God is in!

Amos 3:6-8
When the war trumpet blares, shouldn’t the people be alarmed? When disaster comes to a city, isn’t it because the LORD planned it? “But always, first of all, I warn you through my servants the prophets. I, the Sovereign LORD, have now done this.” The lion has roared — tremble in fear! The Sovereign LORD has spoken — I dare not refuse to proclaim His message!”

Job 1:1-3
“One day the angels came again to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan the Accuser came with them. “Where have you come from?” the LORD asked Satan.And Satan answered the LORD, “I have been going back and forth across the earth, watching everything that’s going on.” Then the LORD asked Satan, “Have you noticed my servant… [place your name]”

Romans 9:5
“He is God, who rules over everything and is worthy of eternal praise! Amen.”

Do you still think that God is not in control?

God is in control by Avalon

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