Would You Let Me Be God In Your Life?

Let Me show you the path of life, come into My Presence where you will find the fullness of My Joy, and in My right hand I have pleasures forever more for you.

In Me is everything you need in Me is the fullness of Your life. I Am the Bread of Life that can feed you never to hunger again. I Am the Living Water that will quench your thirst forever.

I Am your God YHWH who came to the earth in flesh. Is there anything that’s too hard or impossible for Me? I am able to supply all your needs above all that you could ever image.

I Am your God who gave you life, I am the same God who gave you Salvation. I am the same God who will deliver you and destroy the yoke of bondage which was placed on your neck by your adversary. I am your God who will set you FREE!

Let Me be God in your life, allow Me to direct your steps. Let Me lead and you follow, allow My Holy Spirit to be your comforter, your counselor and your teacher. Allow Him to lead you and guide you in My Truth.  I gave Him to you to be your strength and to keep you from falling. Through His Power you are able to walk free on the path of holiness, righteousness and to be able to stay in constant communication with Me. Through Him I will show you the deep things of My heart and cause you to become one with Me.

Would you allow Me to be God in your life today?

The hour is coming where you will need to know Me in a very Intimate Way, it is even upon you right now. Don’t let the cares of this world and self keep you from Me, Come To Me for I have longed to sit and fellowship with you on a very intimate level. I want to reveal Myself to you as your King of Glory and your God of ALL.

Your King Forever,
Yeshua (Jesus)

“You will show Me the way of life, granting me the joy of Your presence and the pleasures of living with You forever.”  —Psalm 16:11

“Honor and majesty surround Him; strength and beauty are in His sanctuary.”  —Psalm 96:6

Come To Me
By: Bethel Music Ft. Jenn Johnson


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