My Soul Finds Rest In YHWH

Oh God Creator of the Universe, it’s in You O LORD do I find rest

It’s in You my King do my soul find rest
It’s in You O King of Glory do I find the peace I long for

For it’s in You I find the Joy that gives me the Strength I need to carry on
Abba I have searched all over and it’s only in You
That I have found ALL that I need
My soul have finally found rest in You Yeshua

You oh King of Glory is the only one that can satisfy me
You have watered the dry places in my soul with Your unconditional love
It’s You who hold me when I am lonely and no one else is around
It’s Your love that has filled the void within my heart and healed the broken places

ABBA, You have healed my heart after the lost of my earthly father and
Showed me that Fatherly love again
I no longer cry or grieve for the lost of both my mother and father
You have shown me TRUE love that removes ALL hurt and pain from a wounded soul

No where could I have EVER find this Love that I have found in You
Your love runs DEEPER and wider than the ocean
Thank You that You have written my name in the Book of Life NEVER to be bolted out
My love is FOREVER Yours Yeshua


Written by PrincessP
A Relentless Lover & Worshiper Of YHWH 9/18/12


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