Yeshua Is Your Strength

God is my strong fortress; He has made my way safe. He makes me as surefooted as a deer, leading me safely along the mountain heights.” 2 Samuel 22:33-34

Allow YHWH to be your strong fortress, lean on Him in your moments of weakness. YHWH has promised to be your strength He said that when you are weak that’s when He is made strong in your life.

Don’t be ashamed of your weakness, let your weakness be known so that when you are strong even in your weakest moments everyone will know it’s the strength of Jesus that’s operating in your life, giving Him all the glory.

Yeshua will even strength you feet as that of a deer to climb mountains taking you to high places that keeps you out of the reach of your adversary.

ABBA, thank You that Your grace is all we need. Thank You for Your power in the midst of our weak places Lord. We lay aside our need to be the “strong one” and replace it with the knowledge that You are the “STRONG ONE” and that Your strength is sufficient for us. In Yeshua’s (Jesus’) name we pray, Amen.

“I love you, Lord. You are my strength.
The Lord is my rock, my protection, my Savior.
My God is my rock. I can run to him for safety.
He is my shield and my saving strength, my defender.
I will call to the Lord, who is worthy of praise, and I will be saved from my enemies.”

 Psalm 18:13


You Are My Strength By Hillsong:


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